TunaTune Instruments :: Hand Made Electric Guitars

I got to spend an afternoon with a handmade electric guitar and it’s maker TunaTone Instruments.  It was a welcomed change of pace to meditate on a single object, to admire it’s shapes and construction, and take in the tools of the craft and the woody smells of the shop.  Check out the website for some really great bendy guitar sounds.

Chloe & Dan

It was a real treat to photograph this February wedding in Edmonton at The Country Lodge.  Bride and groom were so chill, I think Chloe wore shoes for less than two hours the entire day.  Also, hello Neat Rentals, Elyse & Janelle from Special Event Rentals and Flowers by Willow!  This amazing team made the day look so good and run so smoothly.  Happy 8ish weeks of marriage, you two.