Christelle & Mike

April 29th, 2017 :: Snaefellsness Peninsula, Iceland

The wonders of the internet brought Mike & Christelle to my website and they in turn brought me to Iceland to photograph their wedding.  The western Peninsula called Snaefellsnes, to be exact. Named for it’s looming volcano/glacier Snaefellsjokull, this peninsula is magical with all the Iceland staples like mountains, volcanoes,  waterfalls, and furious coastlines.  All of these photos were take within about 1 hour radius, and you really get that “is this real life” feeling taking in so many varied and beautiful landscapes.  Mike & Christelle didn’t seem to mind too much that we had wind so strong it was hard to open the car door at times.  I think we were mostly relieved that the rain and snow had stopped for their wedding day.  Thanks you two for being so fun to drive around and explore with, and for taking me to Iceland to photograph your wedding.  May many adventures await you always! Wedding took place at Hotel Budir and it’s nearby little black church.)


Chloe & Dan

It was a real treat to photograph this February wedding in Edmonton at The Country Lodge.  Bride and groom were so chill, I think Chloe wore shoes for less than two hours the entire day.  Also, hello Neat Rentals, Elyse & Janelle from Special Event Rentals and Flowers by Willow!  This amazing team made the day look so good and run so smoothly.  Happy 8ish weeks of marriage, you two.